Results with Lucy and Wowcher



How to use your Wowcher codes with Results with Lucy

In order to redeem your voucher code all you need to do is visit the Get Started page on the website.


Subscription Voucher

1) Select your preferred option or recurring subscription to sign up and start entering your contact details


2) In the coupon box provided please make sure you enter your unique voucher code (provided in email).

3) Upon the next screen you will be presented with a Paypal screen to start your subscription.


4) You will then be redirected to Paypal page below, please use your Paypal account details to sign in.


5) On the Paypal Review payment page in the right hand box the amount should be £0.00 if you have entered your code correctly. In the middle box you will see you have 35 days (5 Weeks) access.


6) Once you have agreed and can see that the payment due is £0.00, you will then see this screen.


7) When you have been directed within 5 seconds, you will then see this screen and this confirms your account.



If the voucher code has been entered correctly you should see that your discount relating to the offer is applied. You will only be charged after your offer ends and you have not decided to cancel.

If you decide you do not wish to continue your subscription with us, then before the end of your offer please make sure you Unsubscribe and cancel the subscription from following the instructions from your dashboard.

If at any time you experience any problems in trying to redeem your voucher then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us asap and a member of our team can assist you.