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OnDemand (Featuring Guilt Free Christmas)

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Achieve your goals

your way.

BONUS CONTENT: Guilt Free Christmas

Yes it is that time of year again Christmas parties, family gatherings, Work Dos the list goes on and on. We are help you get into that little black dress by working hard all the way up to Christmas so you can enjoy your Christmas GUILT FREE.

BONUS CONTENT: Results with Bump

You and your baby deserve the very best and we're going to make sure you look and feel amazing through pregnancy and into motherhood.

We have designed our pre-natal and post-natal plans to keep you fit and healthy through your new journey of motherhood. PLUS we've even giving you a FREE video workout out guide to show you what our plan is all about.


Feel like #bodygoals is unaffordable well we have designed a plan tailored to your busy student life without breaking the student loan.

This is a 6 week plan with 4 workouts a week, a perfect plan to fit into your student life available anytime and anywhere.

Bonus CONTENT: Results with Cecilia

It's never too late to make your dreams a reality, and you're never too old to change. Results with Cecilia has been tailored to meet the needs of women over 40 by our experts' vast knowledge and experience within the health and fitness industry.

This programme consist of 2 plans a beginner and an intermediate, both consist of 12 weeks of 4 workouts a week.

What Is OnDemand & Who Is It For?

OnDemand is the ultimate workout experience that lets you stay in control, giving you exactly what you want, when you want it.

We'll guide and advise you on how to create your own personalised plan, how to test your own fitness level, and what you should be doing to challenge yourself further, all so that you can make sure you're achieving your goals.

So whether you're a complete beginner, or simply crave the variety that OnDemand gives, we'll give you the tools and support you need to create a new lifestyle you can maintain for life.


With a huge range of over 300 mini exercise videos in our VideoBank, you can filter your search to create your perfect workout or try one of ready made workouts.


Not only can you get unbeatable variety from your workouts, when you upgrade to OnDemand+ you can also gain full access to over 400+ delicious, healthy recipes. We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, so pick and choose between your favourite RWL dishes to create a meal plan you love, and make sure you're packing your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. PLUS when you join OnDemand+ you also gain access to our amazing FakeAway guide where 30+ of your most loved takeaway meals have had a healthy reinvention.

Simply click to sign up, and you'll have the option to upgrade from there.


Your New Body: PHASE 1

New Beginnings

This is my story, now it's time to

Kick Start Yours

What is it & Who is it for?

This is it, girls! The complete workout and nutrition plan for Beginners, or those getting back into fitness.

When I first met Cecilia, I was really unhappy with my body. I always ate rubbish food and I didn't even own a pair of trainers, let alone know how to keep fit! But everything changed that day, and now I'm sharing my story with you.

The first 3 months of eating well and working out with Cecilia completely changed me. Within a few weeks I'd visibly lost weight, my bottom felt tighter, my skin improved… by the end I looked completely different! I've gained so much confidence, and I feel amazing! So if, like me, you need a bit of help getting started, this is the plan is for you.


We've pulled together all of the best fitness experts to give you loads of variety in your workouts, to make sure you're working hard and having lots fun – as that's what kept me motivated!

And there's no excuse to miss a workout, as we've structured them all into a plan for you. You'll be working out 4 times a week, so get ready to grab your trainers, girls!


With our expert nutritionist on hand, we’ve created a daily meal plan for you which is packed full of delicious, easy to prepare recipes. Nutrition is the key to great results, so follow the meal plan closely and you’ll be looking, and feeling, amazing before you know it!

  • 3 Month Plan for Beginners

  • Progressive Workout Plan

  • Daily Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance

  • FREE Eating Out Guide

Equipment Required:

  • A Mat (or towel/carpet)

  • Dumbbells/Kettlebell/Power Gloves (can be replaced with bottles of water)

  • Resistance Band (or a scarf)

  • Skipping rope (or just the motion)


Your New Body: PHASE 2

Wobble To Model

Strengthen and tone

your whole body!

Newly Extended 12 Week Plan

What is it & Who is it for?

This is it girls, Wobble to Model is the 2nd step in your journey to achieving the body you’ve always wanted! So whether you’ve just conquered our New Beginnings plan, or have reached the Results with Lucy website already reasonably fit and looking for a new challenge, this is the plan for you.

Wobble to Model will progressively challenge your fitness over 12 weeks, to help you to lose excess weight, whilst really focusing on strengthening and building muscle. By the end of this plan you will have tightened and toned all those wobbly areas across your whole body!


We’ve really ramped things up a gear from New Beginnings, so Wobble to Model will have you feeling the burn like you’ve never felt it before! With tons of variety and exclusive, brand new workouts, we’ll make sure we keep you motivated and having fun every step of the way. Thing's are going to get seriously sweaty, girls!


Our expert nutritionist, Louise, has put together a really delicious meal plan for you to follow, with recipes packed full of the nutritious food you'll need to fuel your workouts. Don't like something on your meal plan? No problem! Simply swap it out for one of the hundreds of alternate recipes. We've got breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and juice recipes - so you'll never be short of ideas!

  • 12 Week Intermediate Plan

  • New Progressive Workouts

  • Daily Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance

  • Eating Out Guide

Equipment Required:

  • A Mat (or carpet)

  • Dumbbells and Kettlebell (or filled bottles of water)

  • Skipping Rope (or just the motion)

  • A Towel


Your New Body: PHASE 3

HIIT Harder

Achieve Something Amazing

Take The Challenge

What is it & Who is it for?

This is it, girls! The final step in our 3-Phase journey from a complete beginner to super fit! So whether you’ve just finished Wobble to Model, or already workout 4 times per week, HIIT Harder is designed to challenge even the fittest of people to take your results to new highs.


You’ll follow our usual structure of 4 workouts per week, but HIIT Harder means just that – we’re challenging you to 3 advanced HIIT session’s week in, week out, to activate the AFTERBURN effect. By working out every muscle in your body as hard and as fast as you can, your body uses your carb stores as a quick source of energy, and once you’ve stopped, your body will have to work even harder to replace them – and it does this by burning off FAT! So you’ll be burning fat for hours after your workout, and a lower body fat % means a leaner, stronger looking body.


To get the very best results, not only have we given you a delicious, healthy meal plan to follow, our Nutritionist Louise has also put together the Advanced Nutrition Guide! This guide will help you calculate and understand your personal macronutrient and calorie intake needs, so that you can adjust your meal plan to fuel your workouts, without over or under eating.

  • Formally Six Pack Abs Plan

  • 12 Week Advanced Plan

  • Advanced HIIT Sessions + Full Body Workouts

  • Daily Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance

  • Advanced Nutrition Guide

  • Eating Out Guide

  • Kickstart Guide

  • Online Support & Motivation Network

Equipment Required

  • A Mat (or carpet)

  • Dumbbells (or filled bottles of water)

  • Skipping Rope (or just the motion)

Results Extreme

Our toughest plan yet!

Sophie takes no prisoners!

Prepare to get sweaty

What is it & who is it for?

We’ve called in our favourite power-house, Sophie, to give you all our toughest challenge yet… Results Extreme. This intense, 6 week plan is perfect for anyone who’s already completed HIIT Harder, or anyone who would class themselves as very fit but needing to shake-up their current regime. It’s time to get extreme results with Results Extreme!


You’ll follow Results with Lucy’s usual structure of 4 workouts each week, with advanced fitness level sessions and your workouts will increase in intensity week by week for maximum results. No gym subscription required, achieve your goals from home.


Download our Advanced Nutrition Guide for guidance on tailoring your daily meals to meet your specific needs. We will show you how to maximise your results with what you eat, and you can filter our recipes to find the right recipe you need. Whether you need low-carb, high-carb, low-fat and high-protein meals, we’ve got hundreds of recipes for you to choose between.

  • Sophie's 6 Week Advanced+ Plan

  • Our most challenging plan yet

  • Advanced fitness sessions

  • Advanced Nutrition Guidance

  • Access to hundreds of balanced recipes

  • Online Support & Motivation Network

Equipment Required

  • A Mat (or carpet)

  • Dumbbells - 4kg +

  • Kettlebells – 4kg +

The weight you choose should be a high enough for you to ‘struggle’ towards the end of the sessions.


Featuring 'With Self Love'

What is the Free Forever plan?

We get it. It’s scary deciding to start a new journey to get fit and healthy, but you’ve already taken the first important leap just by being here! With so many different ‘diet’ services and fitness solutions out there, it’s hard to know what’s going to be right for you.

Confidence is at the heart of everything that we do in life.

Which is why we have teamed up with Confidence Specialist Jeff Spires to bring you an amazing 12 week Online Confidence Course!

I know first hand how horrible and debilitating Anxiety can be, which is why we wanted to give this to you for FREE!

What’s included:

Week 1: Confidence vs Anxiety
Week 2: Breaking through Fear
Week 3: Stepping into Your Higher-Self
Week 5: Instantly Control Anxiety
Week 6: Instant Confidence Booster
Week 7: Strengthening your Confidence
Week 8: What Is Self-esteem
Week 9: How To Build Self-esteem
Week 10: The Challenge
Week 11: Bringing it all together
Week 12: Extra Special Secret Bonus

Each week includes a bonus video with myself and Cecilia where you’ll get to hear us talking about our experiences during the 12 week program. That’s right… we’re doing the course with you!


Sign up today and you’ll get instant access to my very personal interview with Jeff where I talk about my own personal struggles with anxiety and how I overcome my fears.

Who’s it designed for?

Our unique, online site for health and fitness plans is the perfect solution for so many women, no matter what walk of life or what their goal. Our easy to access, 24/7 online site means you can workout wherever you want, when you want, on an affordable budget and with the advice and guidance of a team of leading industry experts.

With tried and tested plans, and proven results from real women, we’re confident that we can help you to achieve your goals.

What should you expect?

We’re giving you an exclusive sneak peak into how our website works, and how it will help you to achieve your goals! Whether you’re a complete beginner, pretty fit or looking for advanced training, you can get a taste for what it’s like to follow one of our plans.

Get exclusive access to the first week of either our Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced plans, test our workouts and try our recipes – you’re confident you’ll fall in love with achieving your goals from the comfort of your home with Results with Lucy.

Equipment Required:

  • An exercise mat (or carpet/towel)

  • Dumbbells (or filled water bottles)